Solar WEEKEND kit 100Ah
Solar WEEKEND kit 100Ah
Solar WEEKEND kit 100Ah
Solar WEEKEND kit 100Ah

Solar WEEKEND kit 100Ah

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Solar WEEKEND kit!


This weekend solar kit is an ideal solution for a weekend spent in the camp trailers, hiking / mountain cabins, weekend cottages, garden utah, etc., which are moderate consumers of electricity. They are designed primarily for users, which have no access to electricity or connection to the network is too expensive for them, or you want to be independent of electric network, because it provides electricity from the sun for lighting, the radio and television.


The kit is quick and easy installable as a off-grid solar system, which already contains all the components for its installation:
Solar module produces voltage directly from solar energy, which means that the battery pack store this energy for times when there are no sufficient solar energy (eg. The night, bad weather, etc.). While charge control helps that the solar battery is properly charged and thereby prevent excessive draining of the battery. For lighting, radio and television takes care of the inverter, which converts the DC voltage (DC) in bidirectional (AC).




Package includes:

.- 100W polycrystalline solar panel (more info at:
- Charge controller 10A LED (more info at:
- Battery 100 Ah SMF (more info at:
- 600 W / 12V inverter (more info at:
- Cable 2 x 5 m (more info at: )
- Connectors for the battery

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