What do we offer? What is our service?(in Slovenia)

In our company you can choose from:


  • by purchasing components, that is, all the material needed for the system -> it's the cheapest variant of all of these. In this case, the payout period is short, since you install the system yourself,
  • we only offer you a power plant connection, which means that with us you can get all the components designed for the system, you can do it yourself, and we will connect you. This means that a guarantee is also included on each component and maintenance of these components. Price is approx. 300-400EUR.
  • consulting, arranging all necessary documentation, supplying the necessary components and connecting the system,
  • turnkey projects -> consulting, tour facility, investment appraisal, project documentation, installation and maintenance of the domestic power plant, which means that we agree with you only on certain points, and when we agree (both sides), then you can be careless , we take care of everything for ourselves. You will get a high-quality and fast-built power plant with all warranties and a favorable price that can come with any competition.






* Notes: Please give us a brief description of where the facility is located, how much kW you intend to install a power plant.



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