Solar modules

The solar panel is a flat structure, which resembles a window. Designed with technology to generate electricity from its energy through photovoltaics.

Solar modules create a DC voltage from the solar energy directly.

Each solar cell has a voltage of 0.5 V, so the longer the cells between themselves, which is a solar module. Because of the strength and that does not rust, are in aluminum frames. In the front are protected by a special type of tempered glass, which has thickness of 3.2 to 3.6 mm, which protects against the weather.

Each solar panel can have:

- At least 36 solar cells -> 12V system

- 60 solar cells -> 24 V system

- 72 solar cells -> 24 V system


Which means that the nominal tension of solar panels is 12V or 24V. The solar modules are also bound to each other. With that we can increase the power and the voltage of modules.



                                                           An example of a solar cell:




Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning of the solar modules is not necessary, because of that arrange the rain. Even though they are a bit dusty, this does not affect the effect of the solar panels. In the event that the modules of a larger bird droppings, large amounts of dust or other contaminants (the quarries, gravel roads, etc.), They need to be periodically cleaned by a simple cloth and water. Especially pay attention to the dirt at the edge of the module.
In case of snow in the winter, the solar modules typically do not need to be cleaned, because the result of the inclination of it, snow quickly slid from the modules.



How to get the AC voltage?

 With the help of the entire solar kit can obtain a DC voltage, in addition to the solar module need suitable solar battery charge controller, which will regulate the battery, it will not overcharging or be totally discharged. You also need an inverter which converts the DC electricity from solar cells into AC voltage. From an inverter you can use consumers (such as lights, TV, refrigerator, radio, etc.) of electricity. The standard system is designed so that can be quit  in the moment when there is a possibility of power supply interruption.







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