Solar batteries


 Solar batteries are a very important part of the solar system, whether it be small or large. Its purpose is to store the collected energy and when it is needed, it emits. The task of the battery is also depreciated to a large starting currents by some users at the very start and stabilize the voltage. Voltage itself is the most important especially in the operation of some consumers (TV, refrigerator, computers, radios, etc.).



On the batteries, is very important their design, otherwise will be losses increase. This means that there should be the right choice of capacity (Ah) of the battery, as otherwise the battery all the collected energy from the solar module will not be able to save. Thus, the efficiency of the system is significantly reduced. Because of too much battery charging, in sunny days, when it was fully charged, this status may damage the battery or even lead to an explosion. In that, it helps charge controller, which prevents overfilling and a full battery discharge.


Solar batteries in the solar system are filling only when there is sufficient solar energy, which travels through the solar panel to the battery, and empty it is, when there are connected consumers to it (computer, TV, refrigerator, radio, etc.).



Batteries for solar power systems are cyclical, and therefore not suitable for cars, and conversely!




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