AGM battery

AGM batteries are intended for deep and repeated discharges. Due to the glass wool, which is in the AGM batteries, the acid can not escape. It can also be installed in the living spaces, because gases discharge is minimal. They are completely maintenance-free, water is not necessary to be replenished.


They are suitable for use in: campers, nautics, solar systems, cleaning machinery, road signs, wheelchairs, motor boats and UPS uninterrupted power supply.

With us you can choose between:
- AGM battery Phaeton, which has up 1300 cycles at 30% emptying
- Solar AGM, which holds up to 1000 cycles at 50% emptying,



GEL battery

Gel electrolyte batteries are in a gel state. They are designed primarily for deep discharges and cyclic use. These batteries are very strong and durable. SIGA offers with the HELIOS Gel Series one of the most powerful gel batteries worldwide. This series is also ideal for drive applications and is extremely cycle-proof! They are the ideal solution for applications, where special emphasis is placed on extremely high cycle stability, deep-discharge and longevity, and highly recommended in conjunction with solar and photovoltaic systems. The OPTIGEL Series designed for general use and has a wide range of applications.



In our webside you can choose between:

- HELIOS GEL battery, which holds up to 1200 cycles at 50% emptiness,
- OPTIDRIVE GEL, which has up to 1250 cycles at 30% emptiness.




  AGM akumulatorji

GEL akumulatorji

The recommended rate of emptying of up to 50%

They could stand very deep discharges

Work best at LOW temperatures

Work best at HIGH temperatures

Battery has to be recharge with a higher flow than GEL batteries

Battery has to be recharge with a lower flow than other batteries

The number of cycles 850-1000, life expectancy approx. 7-8 years

The number of cycles 1250-1500, life expectancy approx. 10-11 years




                                                 AGM batteries                                                                   GEL batteries





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