Installation of solar panels

For most customers, the roof is the best location for mounting solar panels. Since solar panels already contain the structural specifications, it is all that is necessary just the installation of hardware.



However, the modules can be installed on different, yours favorite structures. Then you have to be careful that the supporting structure is strong enough to hold the weight of multiple solar panels or just one, and that the material from which the supporting structure is, also durable in all weather conditions (snow, wind, sun, etc.). . On our website you can also buy holders for solar panels to help make your installation easier and simpler (more info at:



In the case of classic solar panels it has to be placed on a flat and hard surface. If it is a flexible solar panel, it can be placed on whereever, even on uneven surfaces. It can be installed with a slicone or  with screws.
It is important that the modules are installed well, of that we mean at least in four locations. For the avoiding of injury of module, use only the installing holes, which are already on the module. By agreement we can make additional holes.




For ventilation of modules should be attributed a great importance because, if the structure is designed so that the panel is too tightly attached to the roof, trailer, etc., may reduce the effectiveness and strength of the panel. If more modules are fixed at the same time it is advisable to provide enough space between modules, namely approx. 5 mm space between each module, because this is about the effectiveness of conventional solar panels better.




In the position of the module, at first we must take into account that the module may not be in the vicinity of flammable materials, gas stations, etc., In another way we risk the danger of explosion. Also, the module is not save to install in corrosive atmospheres such as the surroundings of the volcano, corrosive factories.
Absolute it has to be seen that the modules are placed in such position, where is maximum utilization of the sun during the day, so that will be the greater efficiency of the module.The most suitable is that a panel focus on the south and that we tilt it by 32 degrees. Otherwise, we may lose the efficiency of solar power panels


                            The figure below shows the percentage of sunshine per season:






GROUNDING of solar panels

 When the supporting frame is firmly installed, then we need to ground the solar panels, namely:

-if it is higher strength of the panel, is required the cable, which is passed cca. 1m away from the roof or module

- In the case of lower power of the panel, we use the yellow-green wire (shown in the figure below)




              The cable  (for bigger solar panels)                                             Yellow-green wire (for smaller solar panels)






In any case, we recommend that your solar system, whether it be large or small, mounted a trained person, or. at least the person of electrotechnical direction.



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