CORRECT charging, discharging and maintenance of the battery


Each type of battery is charged, discharged and maintained, so for a longer life of the battery itself.

It's VERY important how you set the minimum and maximum charging voltage. The optimal battery operating temperature is 25 ° C, which means that during its entire lifetime at a constant temperature of 25 ° C and with proper maintenance (indicated in the indents below), the battery will reach its maximum number of cycles.



  • For classic cyclic-acid batteries, 600 cycles -> at 50% emptying,
  • for AGM batteries, the number of cycles is 1000 -> at 50% of the discharges,
  • while for GEL there are as many as 1250 cycles -> at 30% of discharges.

* Notes: data refer to SIGA batteries

It is also important that the battery is in the dry space.



1. Storage and maintenance of the battery


If the battery is not connected to the system for some time, it still needs to be maintained. The battery should be clean and dry, if you store it for a long time, make sure that the voltage does not fall below 12.3V. Proper storage is 12.6V. A discharged battery is a must

supplement, otherwise irreparable errors or destruction of the battery occur. It is especially important to clean any oxidized full connection.



2. Charging the battery


The maximum charge of the battery is:


- 14.2V open batteries

- 14.4V closed maintenance-free batteries (SMF code)

- 13.7V-13.9V AGM batteries

- 14.2V -14.4V GEL batteries


* Notes: The battery must not discharge below 9.6V! The recommended MINIMUM voltage from the manufacturer is 10.8V.


When charging, it is also important that you first connect the negative pole and only then the positive pole or when the battery is disconnected first disconnect the positive pole and only then be negative. A battery is required to achieve a longer life cycle and the number of cycles charge up to its maximum voltage specified above.


The voltage of the charging device must be 15.6V!



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