Vse ponudbe so narejene z visoko-kakovostnimi in vrhunskimi kompomentami!




SolarEdge (DC - AC) PV Inverter is specially designed to work with SolarEdge powerful optimizers. Since the MPPT charging regulator and voltage management are treated separately, for each module separately, the converter is responsible only for DC in AC inversions. Therefore, it is less complicated, a cost-effective, more reliable solar converter with a standard 12-year warranty can be extended to 20 or 25 years. A fixed voltage range ensures operation at the highest efficiency (> 97% weighted efficiency), regardless of the length of the string and temperature.


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SOLAREDGE Power Optimizer

The Optimzator SolarEdge is a DC converter that is installed by installers on each PV module or installed by modular manufacturers as it replaces a traditional solar connection box. SolarEdge power optimizers increase energy from PV systems by continuously tracking the maximum point power (MPPT) of each individual module. In addition, power optimizers monitor the performance of each module and communicate performance data to the SolarEdge monitoring platform for improved and cost-effective module maintenance. Each power optimizer is equipped with a unique SafeDC ™ function designed to automatically shut down the voltage modules every time the power is turned off (if it is not connected to the StorEdge converter that is in backup mode).


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We offer high quality solar modules of brands Panasonic, Q-cells, Jinko Solar, LG, Kyoto, Conergy POWEPLUS, Trina and BenQ! Even on cloudy days, these solar panels ensure high energy efficiency. The modules are protected with special tempered glass for protection against weather, such as hail, snow and ice. The physical stability of the module provides an anodized aluminum frame.


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