Choose a flexible solar panel or a classic?


The flexible solar panels can be mounted anywhere on the uneven surface, because it can be bended in the middle cca. of 7 cm. so it is especially suitable for caravans, boats, yachts as well as weekends, where we do not have such a large and flat surface mounting.

A classic solar panel is robust, durable and suitable for larger solar systems, weekends, ect.



For ventilation of modules should be attributed a great importance because, if the structure is designed so that the panel is too tightly attached to the roof, trailer, etc., may reduce the effectiveness and strength of the panel. If more modules are fixed at the same time it is advisable to provide enough space between modules, namely approx. 5 mm space between each module, because this is about the effectiveness of conventional solar panels better.




                             Classic solar modul:                                                                          Flexible solar modul:


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