Where to install the battery?

The battery can be installed both, inside and outside. When we installed battery outside, we can use ordinary solar,-acid batteries. These batteries during the filling and discharging emit gases which are harmful and dangerous to humans.


If the battery can not be fitted in the airy space, we can use solar-cyclic acid batteries SMF, which are hermetically sealed, which means that the leakage of gas is not possible, except in the case if a battery is overcharged, than the safety valve opens, wherein gas release is minimal! rather than ordinary solar cyclically-acid batteries it can also be used AGM and GEL solar batteries.


Of course, for installing the batteires is good to have an optimum temperature, because in that condition battery will operate optimally (100%), preferably between 20 to 25 ° C (degrees). In the case that the battery is outside, in the winter at - 10 ° C, its performance will be reduced also by 20%, which means that it is most suitable that the space where the battery is also thermally insulated.

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