The heat pump is the most energy-efficient heating solution!

  Heating with a heat pump is one of the most energy efficient solutions for your home.


In spite of a slightly larger initial investment for a heat pump, gas, pellets and solid fuel systems will in the future have a greater loss. Statistics show that the long-term use of a heat pump consumes significantly less since it is several times smaller than other systems, because the heat pump is the highest energy efficiency class.

Indeed, the heat pumps are so efficient that normally 1 kW of electricity generates 4 kW of heating energy. This energy is drained (stolen) out of the air outside. This efficiency is presented as a COP (coefficient of efficiency).


Heat pumps compared to:

  • Conventional heaters - COP 1.0
  • Gas boilers - about 0.85 COP
  • Wood and coal - about 0.65 COP


Below you can see the heat pumps we offer you. But you can contact us and we advise you and assist you in choosing.


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