Solar cables and connectors provide a solid and solid connection between the solar panel and the controller, and between the controller and the battery.

The solar connector is designed for counter-coupling the panel. Each solar panel has a pair of MC4 connectors already attached to the purchase. To connect from the panel to the controller, you need another pair of MC4 connectors (shown below):


Solar cables have a cross section of 4mm2 or 6mm2. Each cable cross section has a RED cable (plus) and a black cable (minus).

Incorrect cable dimensioning and inadequate cable length can cause significant losses in the solar system as well as fire.



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Cables, connectors, mounting system

Solar cable 4mm2
Price with VAT:
1,30 €
Solar cable 6mm2
Price with VAT:
1,80 €
Fuse 100A 80V 60mm
Fuse between battery and inverter for even greater protection!
Price with VAT:
3,20 €
Fuse 200A 80V
Fuse between battery and inverter for even greater protection!
Price with VAT:
4,20 €
MC4 connector
Price with VAT:
4,50 €
Connectors for battery
Price with VAT:
5,60 €
Fuse holder
Price with VAT:
9,85 €
Price with VAT:
16,75 €
Y connector
Price with VAT:
18,00 €
MC4 Y Connector 3-1
Price with VAT:
21,00 €
Battery equaliser 2x 12V
Price with VAT:
43,00 €
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