An inverter is an electronic device that converts DC power to alternating current (AC). When converting, a small amount of energy is lost.

In our offer we have a modified sinus inverter suitable for smaller consumers such as TV, radio, radiator, lighting, and a pure sine inverter suitable for more demanding consumers such as climates, boilers, mammals, hand tools, various heaters kitchen appliances. They are intended for the off-grid solar system, nautics, caravaning etc.


Which inverter is real?

If you hesitate during the decision on the power of the inverter, it is necessary to calculate the starting power of each individual user. Otherwise, the start-up power is measured by x3 or x4 from the user's power consumption (for example: TELEVISION, power consumption = 50W, how much strong inverter I need => 50W x 3 = 150W, so you need a 300W inverter - if you only have this consumer, Consumers need to be added up).





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