Electric shepherd on battery, are designed for grazing all kinds of cattle and protecting crops from game. We use them especially where there is no possibility of connection to the electricity network. Electric shepherds do not have a built-in battery in the device, but must be connected to an external battery with a capacity of at least 50 Ah or more. Batteries are charged with a battery charger or a solar module. The shepherd and battery should be protected from rain and moisture (for example, install it in an object or a deliberately designed casing). Electric shepherds have the option of connection to 220V (with adapter-it is necessary to purchase).


For all solar kits with everything you need, you can find HERE!




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Electric shepherds

Electric Shepherd D15DC
Price with VAT:
123,50 €
Electric Shepherd D30DC
Price with VAT:
179,74 €
Electric Shepherd D50DC
Price with VAT:
220,20 €
Electric Shepherd D70DC
Price with VAT:
245,50 €
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