SIGA OPTIDRIVE car battery 80Ah
SIGA OPTIDRIVE car battery 80Ah

SIGA OPTIDRIVE car battery 80Ah

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22 %
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129,50 €
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SIGA OPTIDRIVE car battery 80Ah



The highest performance and best available technology batteries.


Designed for outstanding achievements and for demanding clients. Due to the new calcium expanded metal technology and a dual cover with integrated Labyrinth lid (recovery of condensate). This battery is hermetically sealed and has an amazing safety and freedom from maintenance. Ideal for cars with lots of electrical equipment, high-performance engines and electronic requirements. Highly recommended for driving short distances!

80 Ah
Max. charging current:
Charging voltage:
Starting current:
Pole position:
0 (right +)
18,50 Kg
277 x 175 x 190 mm
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