Lithium battery 12 Ah 12V
Lithium battery 12 Ah 12V

Lithium battery 12 Ah 12V

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Lithium battery 12 Ah 12V



SIGA LITHIUM - The long-term investment in leisure time.
With the lithium batteries of SIGA you receive the absolutely highest high-class step in the battery development. The SIGA LiFePO4

(lithium iron phosphate battery) the best solution is solar as an impulse or care battery for electric boats, wheel chairs, electric

bicycles, electric scooters, camper, GoKarts, golf Cart, model construction etc.



The Discharge currents of a lithium battery distinguish themselves by the fact that you work without losses and can call away

therefore in contrast to a battery of lead, her full achievement with every current consumption. The battery SIGA LiFePO4 are

extremely cycle-firm and are also suited very well for high-current uses and can be loaded with the 3V of her capacity without losing

to achievement. Moreover, these batteries can be loaded 10-paint faster than customary batteries.



12 Ah
Max. charging current:
12 A
Charging voltage:
12 V
Pole position:
1,75 Kg
151 x 98 x 101 mm
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