Dual battery solar charge controller 10A
Dual battery solar charge controller 10A

Dual battery solar charge controller 10A

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Dual battery solar charge controller 10A 



- Two battery charging eliminates the extra cost of two separate solar charging system
- Intelligent System Optimum Control
- 12/24V auto work
- Battery type selection
- Charging frequency optional
- High efficient Series PWM charging
- Local external temperature compensation
- Remote temperature sensor optional
- Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch
- Remote meter MT-1 optional
- Electronic protection: over charging, short circuit, battery reverse polarity protection



Battery voltage parameters (temperature at 25°C)  
Battery charging setting Sealed Flooded Gel
Equalize charging voltage 14.4V;x2/24V 14.6V;x2/24V 14.8V;x2/24V
Boost charging voltage 14.2V;x2/24V 14.4V;x2/24V 14.6V;x2/24V
Float charging voltage 13.7V;x2/24V 13.7V;x2/24V 13.7V;x2/24V
Max. solar voltage 30V (12V system), 55V (24V system)
Battery voltage range 8-15 (12V system), 8-30V (24V system)
Self-consumption 4mA at night, 10mA at charging
Meterbus connection 8-pin RJ-45
Temperature compensation -30mv/°C/12V


15 x 7,5 x 3,5 mm
No Load consumption:
Rated voltage (Vmp):
12/24 VDC Auto work
Current at max.power(Imp):
Charging voltage drop:
Discharge circuit voltage drop:
Temperature range:
-35°C - +55°C
10%-90% NC
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