AGM battery 150Ah

AGM battery 150Ah

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SIGA AGM solar battery 150Ah


SIGA SOLAR AGM batteries are designed for hobby applications. In these solar batteries, the electrolyte is bound in fiberglass fibers and thus in every position they can be used 100% leak-proof, gas leak free and totally maintenance free. SIGA SOLAR AGM batteries uses a special thicker plate structure with cycle resistant active material for repeated charges and discharges and can be used indoors without degassing. By focusing on this specific application SIGA provides the AGM Solar batteries for several years a reliable supply at a very good price-performance ratio.



It has up to 1000 cycles at 50% emptying, which means that its lifetime is in optimal operation of the battery, approx. 10 years.



- Inovative AGM technology
- Specific structure, resistant to vibrations
- Airproof sealed battery
- Thicker plates which provide deeper discharging
- Extremely low self-discharging
- VRLA safety valves against overpressure
- Low internal resistance
- Very good features for rapid charging
- With often charging or discharging long life-time
- Fire and spark protection
- Absolutely maintenance free


Suitable for:

- campers
- nautics
- solar systems
- cleaning machines
- road signs
- wheelchairs
- motor boats


513 x 189 x 218mm
150Ah (C100)
38,5 Kg
Pole position:
System voltage:
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