Solar module 50W 12V
Solar module 50W 12V
Solar module 50W 12V
Solar module 50W 12V
Solar module 50W 12V
Solar module 50W 12V
Solar module 50W 12V
Solar module 50W 12V
Solar module 50W 12V
Solar module 50W 12V

Solar module 50W 12V

SUNWARE allows you to walk in the panel Available on order
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552,60 €
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Ultra-flat solar modules

For leisure and professional use

SunWare solar modules are designed for extreme conditions of use. SunWare solar modules are used worldwide, wherever it is reliability, low maintenance costs and durability. Solar panels are made for walking on them.


Series-20 is design for glueing and screwing. Whether long and slim or preferebly square, numerous different models offer pleanty of choice to find the right size for you. Optimaze your surfaces for macimum gain. All SunWare modules are build using only the best cyrstalline cells based on stringent efficieny criteria. The modules are safe to walk on the boat shoas and perfectly conform to the curvature of the deck.


All solar modules in the 20-series are designed with a large number of cells for installation without rear ventilation using either screws or adhesive. As a semi-flexible assembly, the modules can also be mounted slightly curvet surfaces. (curving up to 3cm per 1m of module lenght).


Drilled holes around the edges ensure easy fixing of the mounting plate, with collars oritecting the laminate from damage coused by the screw heads. The module can just as easily be bonded in place; the Nowoflon film on the back is specially pretreated for optimised adhesion of 1K polyurehane adhesive.

Series 20:

  • Front connection without requared space on the bottom of the panel so the system is much more efficient
  • The cells of the highest performance class, which are justified in the case of bad lightning
  • 3m connecting cable
  • 100% resistant to sea and salt water




772 x 481 mm
Short circuit current (Isc):
2.6 Kg
Max. system voltage:
Open circuit voltage (Voc):
Rated power:
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