UPS Sinus UPS-800 + 12V 55Ah battery
UPS Sinus UPS-800 + 12V 55Ah battery
UPS Sinus UPS-800 + 12V 55Ah battery
UPS Sinus UPS-800 + 12V 55Ah battery

UPS Sinus UPS-800 + 12V 55Ah battery

ups with 55ah battery
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UPS sinusUPS-800 + 12V 55Ah battery


Series sinusUPS voltage converters is used to supply emergency electrical appliances requiring AC voltage of 230V. It consist of inverter and battery 55Ah in one device.

In one housing with a color display is positioned automatic voltage regulator AVR, 5A charger and pure sine inverter.

UPS power inverter sinusUPS is a device for the uninterruptible power supplying e.g. computers, servers and computer sets .  In the event of loss of mains voltage 230VAC , the device switches to battery mode ( battery mode) , allowing you to continue uninterrupted operation of the system and preventing irretrievable data loss.


In one device has been included features like DC / AC pure sine inverter (pure sine wave ) , emergency stop switch UPS , voltage stabilizer AVRbattery charger ( charger ) and 55 Ah AGM battery. Color display allows you to monitor the most important parameters of the system. The feature that distinguishes pure sine wave inverters of classical simple converters AC / DC , is the generation of the output AC voltage on the course of a purely sinusoidal , identical to that in the grid. Simple , cheap power supplies produce square wave voltage, sometimes mistakenly referred to as " modified sine wave " and may cause a malfunction of sensitive modern computers or servers with active PFC (Power Factor Correction).



  • Emergency power furnaces
  • Device Electronics (TVs, tuners, hi-fi, DVD)
  • Household appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, blenders, toasters)
  • Power tools (drills, grinders)
  • Power Kits (smartphones, tablets, phones, laptops, gps-y)
  • Pumps, compressors (water, heat, air conditioners)
  • Office equipment (printers, fax machines, computers, monitors)
800 W
Input voltage:
Output voltage:
Output power:
Max power (1s):
Output Waveform:
pure sine
Efficiency at Rated Power :
> 85%
No load power consumption:
0,3 A
Max. charging current:
10 A
AVR regulator:
140V - 270V
280 x 380 x 180mm
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