UPS  sinusPRO-3000 E 48V
UPS  sinusPRO-3000 E 48V
UPS  sinusPRO-3000 E 48V
UPS  sinusPRO-3000 E 48V
UPS  sinusPRO-3000 E 48V
UPS  sinusPRO-3000 E 48V
UPS  sinusPRO-3000 E 48V
UPS  sinusPRO-3000 E 48V

UPS  sinusPRO-3000 E 48V

ups pure sine 2100w
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413,30 €
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UPS sine PRO-3000 E 48V


UPS power inverter is a device for the uninterruptible power supply such as computers, servers and computer engineering. A single device combines the functions of the charger, pure sine inverter.


If you have a power failure, device without interruption, switches to battery power and that ensures uninterrupted power supply connected devices.
All important parameters can be monitored on the color display on the front display panel.


AVR regulator:
140 - 275 VAC
355 mm x 220 mm x 250 mm
Output power:
Input voltage:
48 V
Output voltage:
Efficiency at Rated Power :
> 85%
16,4 Kg
Max. charging current:
sinus pro3000e
Output Waveform:
pure sine
No load power consumption:
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