SIGA AGM battery 35Ah, 12 V

SIGA AGM battery 35Ah, 12 V

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Battery capacity 35 Ah (20h), a voltage of 12 volts.


Technology AGM - Absorbent Glass Mat. The electrolyte is in the microscopic glass fibers, which have the ability of absorbing,

in this way there is no possibility that it comes to the spillage of liquid. Provides an even distribution of the acid and prevents stratification.


AGM batteries have a high capacity and cyclic stability and high resistance to vibration. The battery can operate in any position,

even with terminals facing downwards. Robust housing is made of ABS plastic resistance to impact, corrosion and aging.


AGM batteries can also be used indoors, no maintenance required. Especially they are suitable for nautical, solar systems, caravanning,motorhomes,

traffic lights, el. shepherds, wireless technology, medical equipment, scooters, wheelchairs, emergency lighting, UPS.


It has up to 1300 cycles at 30% emptying, which means that its lifetime is in optimal operation of the battery, approx. 10 years.







195 x 130 x 180mm
35 Ah
11,5 Kg
Starting current:
350A (5 sec)
Terminals type:
System voltage:
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