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Panasonic high performance unit Aquarea H - MXC
Low temperature heating heat pump heating and cooling. Three-phase Monoblock
Price with VAT:
from 7.618,90 €
Aqarea HT
Low temperature heating heat pump heating and cooling. One-phase Monoblock
Price with VAT:
4.755,56 €
Collector for hot water
Enamelled tank
Price with VAT:
from 1.023,58 €
Collector for hot water
Stainless Steel
Price with VAT:
from 1.366,40 €
Room thermostat APPENDIX for all in one
Wired LCD room thermostat with weekly timer.
Price with VAT:
143,96 €
Aquarea Smart Cloud  ADDITION for all in one
Remote control and maintenance via wireless or wired LAN connection
Price with VAT:
242,78 €
Decorative magnetic side cover APPENDIX
for all in one APPLICATION
Price with VAT:
115,90 €
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