Charge controller SUNWARE 20A X20
Charge controller SUNWARE 20A X20
Charge controller SUNWARE 20A X20
Charge controller SUNWARE 20A X20

Charge controller SUNWARE 20A X20

Charging two batteries
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Charge controller SUNWARE 20A


FOX-320 / FOX-220 charge controllers are solar energy controllers for modular currents up to 20 A, suitable for AGM, GEL and lead batteries. The optimum charging feature of PWM reliably prevents dangerous blowing and overcharging of the battery.


Protection against emptying is intended for consumers up to maximum energy consumption of 20 A.


With FOX-320 charge controller, you can use the FOX-MD1 screen to set the percentage charge for each battery. In the event that you have only a controller, and you don`t have display,  is standard specified 90% / 10% (B1 / B2).




- Power supply unit with LED display,

- charging two batteries

- Display option: FOX MD-1 with cable length up to 10 m,

- series controller for 12V / 24V battery systems with 98.5% efficiency of charging,

- suitable for batteries with lead acid, GEL and AGM.


Temperature compensation:
- 5mV/°C/2V
Control mode:
System voltage:
DC 12/24V AUTO
Rated Load Current:
Rated solar panel input:
Temperature range:
-25°C - +50°C
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