LED 30W 12V / 24V 5000K reflector for outdoor use

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LED 30W 12V / 24V 5000K reflector for outdoor use


High brightness LED is ideal for outdoor use, small boards, signs, trails, gardens, sculptures and much more. Its 30W power is well developed in 210W. They work both at 12V and 24V.

Thanks to its extremely thin and discreet design, it will adapt to any environment.


The package also includes a wall bracket and a cable support bracket. Housing made of aluminum alloy, waterproof with IP66 protection and gray colored. It can be installed almost everywhere, including on roofs, fences and walls.


Innovation LEDs with high brightness enable us to create real lights without the use of traditional lamps.


model DP3024
dimensions 220x220x55mm
power 30 W
Colour temperature 5000K
Type of lightening cold
Light angle 120 º
lum. 2800 Lm
Operating voltage 12V / 24V DC
Material Aluminum alloy
Average life 100.000 hours
Certificates CE, RoHS
Degree of protection  IP66


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